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While listing the important aspects of a house, Roof stands on the top of the list. Why? Because roofs are always on top! And having a top-notch roof can save your day. Besides family, a roof is the second thing that makes your house, HOME. It provides you shelter and protection from hefty snowfall, rain, wind, hail, and storms. We at Greater Arkansan Roofing are determined to help our valuable costumers in their roofing needs related to roof damage.

After a stormy day or night, if you are worried about the safety of your roof, make sure you do a self-assessment of your home and see if everything is fine.

Here are a few guidelines:

• Walk around your house and check for any irregularity on the ground
• Make sure there is no blockage in your gutter pipes
• Notice the color of water in the gutter and lower ground
• Check for granules of shingles in the water because low-quality shingles usually decay over time
• Check for paint blisters on the inner walls and ceilings of your house
• Look for mold growth on the loft, walls, and ceilings
• Check for any structural damage to your house like damaged pipes, etc.
• Have a look at your roof and check the condition, shape, and number of shingles
• Check the area around the chimney and chimney flashing for possible damage

Storm Damage

Cloudy weather seems to be romantic and soothing at the same time but when it starts getting darker, things get chaotic. The unpredictable weather and storms can be of different types and magnitude, but they can surely damage your roof in one way or other. Roof shingles are always the central victim of storms, either they are hailstorms, lightning, heavy rainfall or hefty snowfall.

In case of stormy weather, the risk of devastation to the infrastructure of houses, particularly to roofs, becomes high. Top-quality shingles are capable to endure heavy rain, hail, snow, extreme wind, and many other weather conditions. Everything has its lifespan and each passing day can lead to the loss of the protection provided by roofs. If there is an anomaly with the roofs, this issue must be settled swiftly, and any detainment can only cause more damage than good to your precious home.

We deal with all sort of roof damage caused by storms. Self-assessment can provide you the estimation of damage. If the condition of your roof is worst and circumstances are not okay, don’t be a procrastinator and contact us ASAP!

Roof repairing cost

Everyone worries about the repairing costs. They usually depend on the magnitude of damage and condition of the roof. We guarantee you the affordable price and exceptional services for roof repairs. Our customers are our pride and we value their expectations regarding our services. So don’t hesitate to make an appointment here to avail our Roof Repair services.


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