About Us

We care and we work only to serve the people. We learn from our past and shape our future accordingly.

Welcome to Greater Arkansas Roofing!

We cordially welcome visitors to our website. Greater Arkansan Roofing is a leading Roofing Company in Little Rock. We are serving people for 20 years and our services are availed not only by home owners, but also by industries. Our crew is highly trained and certified, and every customer can elaborate their needs without any trouble.

Having highly trained crew and advanced roofing material is one of the aspects of every roofing industry. So what makes us special from rest of roofing industries? Well, we guarantee you best quality work that can last for a long time period. We have professional contractors and staff that exhibits excellence in every aspect. We are certain of the fact that people hiring us for their roofing needs will never get disappointed by our services and that’s our pride.

Our Values

Creditable Integrity

We are dedicated to our client’s satisfaction and positive feedback regarding our services.

Effective Team Work

Our crew is our family and there is a supportive atmosphere of trust and respect among each member.

Expert Advice

Our team experts offer the best counseling to our clients.

Quality Assurance

We never compromise on quality and our services.

What we do

We provide the best roofing needs to almost every industry. From homes to big industries, we aim to target those industries which are not considering for their roofing needs.

With every call from our clients, we are passionate to perform our task before the estimated time.

Our honesty and trustworthiness with work and clients are key factors towards our success.

By every job done, we analyze our flaws and improve them before our next job.

We focus on the vision of our customers they have for their roofing needs.


Our mission is to guide you through your entire roofing needs from initial phase to the last phase.

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